Legal Notice

Deuner & Schönweitz PartG mbB
Ludwigstrasse 3
64546 Mörfelden-Walldorf


Authorised Partner

Dipl.-Kfm. Jörg Deuner, Steuerberater
Werner Schönweitz, Steuerberater


PR 22 41


USt-ID: DE 299 123 530

Supervisory Body and responsible chamber

Hesse Chamber of Tax Advisors (

Job Title

The lawful job title "Steuerberater" (Tax Advisor) was issued by the federal republic of Germany in the state of Hesse.

Professional rules and regulations

The tax advisor profession has to follow the following professional rules and regulations:

  1. tax advisory law (StBerG)
  2. tax advisory law ordinance (DVStB)
  3. professional code of conduct (BOStB)
  4. tax advisor fee structure ordinance (StBVV)

All of the above mentioned rules and regulations can be downloaded at the Federal Chamber of Tax Advisors ( Please click Downloads / Berufsrecht.

Additional Information with regards to § 2 DL-InfoV

Only the law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies to the contract, the order execution and the claims arising therefrom. The General Terms and Conditions for tax consultants, tax agents and tax consulting companies issued by the publisher of the Scientific Institute of Tax Advisors GmbH do count. The place of fulfillment and jurisdiction for both parties is the place of the business establishment or the place of the foreign office of the Advisor to the extent permitted by law. A professional liability insurance exists with Allianz Versicherungs-Aktiengesellschaft., 10900 Berlin.

Territorial application: The insurance does not apply to liability claims
a) which are pleaded before foreign courts; This also applies in the case of domestic enforcement judgment (§ 722 ZPO);
b) from the breach or non-observance of foreign law;
The risk exclusions as per digits a) and b) do not apply to other European countries, Turkey and the States on the territory of the former Soviet Union including Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. c) Included is the legal liability arising from the breach or non-observance of the law in subsection b) not mentioned states if they are in the business-like assistance concerned the tax law of those States originated in tax matters and the contract between the policyholder and his client is based only German law. The obligation of the insurer is limited in these cases to the statutory minimum sum insured.
d) The insurance does not apply to liability claims which are made of activities claimed to be exercised over subsidiaries, branches or other counseling centers abroad, unless they are by special agreement included.

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